Validating your wound prevention strategies
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Once a decubitus (pressure) ulcer has developed, wheelchair users can face painful treatments, months of bed rest, hospitalization, and in the worst cases, sepsis. An effective pressure redistribution strategy is key to the prevention of pressure ulcers and now, identifying those high pressure points that can indicate the risk of pressure ulcers is easier than ever. XSENSOR offers the newest generation of wheelchair pressure mapping technology.


The LX100 Sensor

The LX100 is the latest and most advanced pressure imaging sensor available for wheelchair assessment. With it’s combination of accuracy, calibration stability, conformability, image quality, and durability, you can rely on ForeSite SS to provide solid returns on your investment. And because of technology advances, it never needs to be recalibrated—so you can rely on accurate pressure measurements for the entire life of the sensor.

The LX100 is very thin, flexible and light. The pad conforms easily to the chair’s seat and back, giving you an accurate view of the pressure distribution on the seat.

  • Flexible sensor pad embedded with thousands of sensor cells that continuously measure the patient’s body surface pressures
  • Touchscreen tablet that displays real-time images of elevated pressures
  • ForeSite SS software that clearly shows the various pressures applied to the sensor pad, highlighting higher or lower valuesin the pressure distribution



The exact location of elevated pressures

The high resolution of the LX100 sensor eliminates guesswork. With over five times as many sensing points as its nearest competitor, you can pinpoint the exact location of the elevated pressures, which is critical to the development of an affective treatment plan.

ForeSite SS Benefits

ForeSite SS is a powerful, and easy-to-use system for the measurement of bodysurface pressures that are a key factor in the development of pressure ulcers. Designed for seating professionals, ForeSite allows therapists to record and analyze interface pressure data-providing the information they need to develop an effective pressure relief strategy. In addition, patients can use the visual feedback provided by ForeSite to learn ways that they can relieve these pressures. Delivered with the LX100 - a durable, cleanable, factorycalibrated sensor - ForeSite SS provides the accuracy and resolution required by rehabilitation specialists.

  • Wireless communication (Bluetooth) between sensor and tablet
  • Medically-certified tablet is light, modern, & easy to use Software is installed- you can be up and running within minutes.
  • Heightened data security: Data encryption
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface: New software is simple to learn and allows the user more control over client files
  • Capture and manage still frame images and recordings: Valuable for clinical reporting
  • Easily transfer data and images: Generate reports within the software — data sharing and transfer between users is greatly simplified
  • Very accurate sensor: Factory calibrated LX100 sensor
  • WiFi network connectivity: Enables users to send data via email

For further information - please read our brochure on pressure mapping >>>

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