Netti Dynamic iQ

With this customized wheelchair, we combine TA's unique power wheelchair design with Netti's dynamic seat unit.

This allows for extra mobility for users with involuntary movements.

The wheelchair follows the user's movements
Less discomfort during spasms
Better postural control
Reduces sliding out of the chair
Less repositioning needed
Better well-being for the user
Maintain posture over time

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Why choose this chair?
Configuration possibilities

Why choose this chair?

Why choose a dynamic wheelchair?

A dynamic wheelchair is a great solution for users

  • who struggle to keep a good seating position
  • who have increased muscle tone and have involuntary movement
  • who seek out movement

With Netti Dynamic iQ you get a power wheelchair for users with involuntary movements.

The wheelchair has a complete dynamic configuration with a dynamic seat plate and a dynamic back support as standard. You can choose between a 15° back and a 40° flexible back depending on the user's need.

Dynamic seat plate
Dynamic back solution
Dynamic leg support as accessory option
Dynamic head support as accessory option

Dynamic seat and back

The combination of a dynamic seat and back unit supports total extension spasm or involuntary movements of the hip/back.


Dynamic back unit

The Dynamic back solution will allow small as well as extreme upper body movements. Allowing these movements and supporting the user back in the original resting position when tone decreases, will help the user maintain the optimum seating position, prevent sliding and shearing and lowering the need for repositioning.

When extreme upper body movements are the challenge, the dynamic back support needs to be assisted with dynamic seat plate, hip belt as well as leg supports.



Dynamic seat unit

An essential part of the complete Netti Dynamic chairs is the dynamic seat unit. The seat plate will adjust to the user’s extension movements, letting the wheelchair work in synergy with the movements.

Our Dynamic chairs are always equipped with a pelvic stabilizer from Body Point to support the function of the dynamic seat plate and to prevent sliding and actively stop a negative seating position.

Freedom of movement will provide the user with a better seating position. With the dynamic seat unit, the user is guided back to the original seating position and in this way we prevent/reduce shear and pressure, which are some of the main factors causing pressure ulcer.

The seat plate can be locked during transport or when driving on uneven roads.

Dynamic options for extra seating stability and comfort

For users with unwilling movement in legs and neck, you can choose to configurate the wheelchair with a dynamic leg support and a dynamic head support giving the user total freedom of movement.


Dynamic Leg SupportDynamic leg support

The Netti Dynamic leg supports allow controlled open kinetic chain movements of the lower extremities of the user. Unlike static leg supports, the user’s movements will be supported throughout the movements and when tone decreases, the lower extremities are guided back to their resting position.

The leg supports have built-in gas springs to adapt to the movements of the user. The leg support does not only accommodate the extension movement in the knee joint, it will also support the pushing movements along the tibial axle and the flexion-extension movements of the feet.




Netti Dynamic Head support


The Netti Dynamic head support will adjust to the head and neck movements of the user through a combination of springs so that the original position of the head support will be maintained. Through this dynamic support the stress on the back and neck of the user is reduced. At the same time the user’s ability to take part in everyday life activities is improved since an upright head position is supported.

The dynamic head support will reduce the impact on the skull and brain of those who bang their head frequently to the head support.

The Netti Dynamic head support is available with both durable 3D and hygienic Easy Care cover.

Great mobility with the TA iQ power wheelchair

With 6 km/h and an optimum range of 40 km you will have great mobility.

Unique suspension on all wheels, providing an extremely smooth ride with easy access over bumps, kerbs and larger obstacles. Superior handling and comfort.

Low floor to seat height

The Netti Dynamic iQ has the lowest floor to seat height of only 42,5 cm (44,5 cm), allowing you to easily sit at a desk or table. The 30 cm lift allows you to reach higher cupboards, benches, basins etc.

Front wheel drive

Front wheel drive (FWD) is beneficial for indoor use and makes it easier to come close to a table.

Due to the flexibility of the leg support, we recommend front wheel drive if the user has

  • short hamstrings
  • kyphosis
  • tendencies to slide out of the chair
  • need of 90 degrees knee angle

If the chair is to be used in a very narrow environment or if the carer does not have the ability to react fast to change in wheelchair driving direction, the mid wheel drive base may be considered.

Choose between different control units

scoot control from mo-vis

Mo-vis push bar with good ergonomics and intuitive steering: Simply click the right button and the wheelchair drive forwards - you steer simply by pushing to the left or right. Click the left button  and you drive backwards.


forus intuitive stearing from attende

The Forus push bow gives you an easy intuitive steering. Pushing down to drive forwards. Lifting the handles to drive backwards.



One-hand steering

One-hand steering from TA, allowing the attendant to walk beside the chair keeping a good communication with the person in the wheelchair. Easy and intuitive to operate.

Key Features

Front wheel drive for easy maoeuvring
Unique suspension on all wheels
Smooth drive
Low seat height
30 cm seat height flexibility
Dynamic seat
Dynamic back
Dynamic leg support
Dynamic head support

Configuration possibilities

An overview of all the possibilities you have with this wheelchair.

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

Leg supports
Angle adjustable leg support with calf support and footplates:
Netti Grandis leg support:
Universal leg support:
Netti Dynamic leg support:
Adjustable extension pieces:
Amputation leg support:
Abduction leg support +50 mm:
Electric angle adjustable leg support:
Sliding seat plate:
Firm seat plate:
Dynamic seat plate:
Comfort seat plate:
Electric tilt function:
Back cushion options possible:
Back height extension:
H-belt adapter:
Side supports:
Dynamic back option:
Libertas option:
Electric back function:
Pelvic belt and harness
Hip belts:
Pelvis stabilizer and other belts from BodyPoint:
H-belt adapter:
Upper body support from Netti and Bodypoint:
Arm support
Revolvable arm support:
Removable arm support:
Height and depth adjustable armrest:
Various arm pad:
Hemi arm support:
Half tray:
Head support
Head support A:
Various head supports:
Head support stabilizer:
Netti Dynamic head support:
Aluminium head support adapter:
Dynamic component
Netti Dynamic head support:
Netti Dynamic seat plate:
Netti Dynamic back:
Libertas flexible back:
Netti Dynamic leg support:
Wheels and brakes
Frame brakes:
Brake lever extension:
Drum brakes:
Anti tippers without pedal:
Anti tippers with pedal:
Frame extension:
One hand drive:
One hand brake:
Easy Wheel:
Ad on drive and Powered assist
E-Drive option:
E-Move option:
Wipeable Easy Care cover:
Breathable 3D cover:
Various accessories
Device rack for medical aids:
Intravenous rack:

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible


Further configuration options can be seen in on the tab "Configuration Possibilities"

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

General specifications
Seat width:
350, 380, 400, 430, 450, 500, 550, 600 mm
Seat depth:
440-500 mm
Back height possibilities range:
500 - 600 mm
Seat height range measured to seatplate:
425 / 445 + 300 mm
Max. load:
136 kg
Max. load for car transport:
136 kg
Tilt angle:
-9° - +16°
Recline angle:
Arm support height (from seatplate to armpad):
280 - 310 mm
Allowed as seat in a car:

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

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