What is dynamic seating?

A dynamic seating solution will accommodate the user’s extension movements letting the wheelchair work in synergy with the movements. With the Netti Dynamic System you can maintain a good seating position for the user throughout the day – thereby securing the optimum pressure distribution as the user will return to the original position after a spasm. The supporting features during the spasms ensure a high level of user acceptance and extends the lifespan of the wheelchair.

Netti Dynamic System is modular and can be a complete dynamic wheelchair or a traditional wheelchair with one or more dynamic components.

Why choose a dynamic solution?

  • Allowing movement
  • Distributing forces
  • Increase the total seating time per day
  • Increased postural control
  • Minimize spasticity
  • Increased ADL for the user
  • Longer lifetime of the wheelchair
Goals of dynamic seating

When to choose a complete dynamic wheelchair

A complete dynamic wheelchair is indicated when the symptoms of the user result in a total extension spasm or in involuntary movements of the hip/back and eventual legs and head.

When to choose dynamic components in combination with a traditional wheelchair

This is indicated if the symptoms of the user are involuntary movement of only one or two of the three underneath described areas.

  • Head - dynamic head support
  • Back - dynamic back
  • Feet/leg - dynamic leg support
Netti - Enable Joy of Life

The user advantages of dynamic seating

We at Netti always seek to improve the user’s overall wellbeing and ability to take part in everyday life activities. The seating advantages of dynamic solutions are among others:

  • Being able to sit longer time in the wheelchair
  • Skin protection by minimizing sliding and shear
  • Optimal posture enabling better eating, drinking and respiration functions
  • Less pain
The advantages of Netti Dynamic System

User groups

Persons that can benefit from dynamic solutions include e.g.

  • Dyskinetic CP
  • Dystonia
  • Chorea Huntington
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Demential Syndromes
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries

Documented effects

Overall conclusion from the literature search done 2019, the dynamic wheelchair lowers discomfort and pain levels, enhances sitting tolerance and quality of life for the dynamic wheelchair user.

Documented effect of dynamic seating
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