At Netti Campus we share our knowledge

Netti uses best-practice and the research and recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO) to create the best possible solutions. At Netti Campus we share our knowledge as seminars, webinar and articles. We have divided our knowledge into the following main areas:

  • Framework: Understand the tender and/or reimbursement system, laws and regulations in your market
  • Wheelchair user: Learn how to assess the user’s clinical picture, symptoms and possibilities
  • Seating positioning: Understand the biomechanics and how to create the optimum seating position
  • Products: Learn about the products, their functions and how to configurate these to create the optimum seating solution


All people are unique. Therefore, you need well-founded knowledge of all factors that influence the postural situation of each user and at the same time knowledge of the right assessment techniques to be able to achieve an optimum seating solution.

To help you we have created the Netti Method which is the fundament of our work.

To create optimal seating solution

When we succeed with the best seating solution, you as a dealer will deliver products to satisfied customers. You will probably be able to reduce the costs of wear and tear on the chair and assure a more safe, easy and intuitive use of the chair.

To improve quality of life

The aim of creating a perfect seating solution is to improve the user’s quality of life as we focus on independence, safety, mobility and social interaction. The right chair with the correct accessories can enable users to sit upright for a longer period.

Sitting upright for at longer period can enable the user to be part of daily life and e.g. mean that the user will experience improved vital functions like digestion, eating and drinking ability and be able to communicate better.

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