Netti 450 F

During the last years, we have seen a steadily increasing demand for solutions for bariatric users. Our experienced technicians and technical consultants can customize wheelchairs to meet most needs. For example, we can supply reinforced wheelchairs with seat widths up to and above 100 cm and for a user weight up to 450 kg. These include the two 450 models. Netti 450 F Back support manually adjustable in three different angles

For bariatric users it is of high importance that the back and seat can be adjusted to different body shape, as many large users will experience problems with standard seating solutions. Netti Seating System is designed both to cope with high user weight and optimum pressure distribution.

Seat width up to 1000 mm
User weight up to 450 kg
Back support manually adjustable in three different angles
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Configuration possibilities

Configuration possibilities

In the following tabs you will see generalized configuration possibilities for our Netti 450F - but we strongly believe that the wheelchair should be adapted to the user and not vice versa.

Netti 450F is a customized special adaptation - please use our request form to receive a quote that fits the specific needs of your user.

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

Leg supports
Angle adjustable leg support with calf support and footplates:
Netti Grandis leg support:
Universal leg support:
Netti Dynamic leg support:
Adjustable extension pieces:
Amputation leg support:
Abduction leg support +50 mm:
Electric angle adjustable leg support:
Sliding seat plate:
Firm seat plate:
Dynamic seat plate:
Comfort seat plate:
Electric tilt function:
Back cushion options possible:
Back height extension:
H-belt adapter:
Side supports:
Dynamic back option:
Libertas option:
Electric back function:
Pelvic belt and harness
Hip belts:
Pelvis stabilizer and other belts from BodyPoint:
H-belt adapter:
Upper body support from Netti and Bodypoint:
Arm support
Revolvable arm support:
Removable arm support:
Height and depth adjustable armrest:
Various arm pad:
Hemi arm support:
Half tray:
Head support
Head support A:
Various head supports:
Head support stabilizer:
Netti Dynamic head support:
Aluminium head support adapter:
Dynamic component
Netti Dynamic head support:
Netti Dynamic seat plate:
Netti Dynamic back:
Libertas flexible back:
Netti Dynamic leg support:
Wheels and brakes
Frame brakes:
Brake lever extension:
Drum brakes:
Anti tippers without pedal:
Anti tippers with pedal:
Frame extension:
One hand drive:
One hand brake:
Easy Wheel:
Ad on drive and Powered assist
E-Drive option:
E-Move option:
Wipeable Easy Care cover:
Breathable 3D cover:
Various accessories
Device rack for medical aids:
Intravenous rack:

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible


Further configuration options can be seen on the tab "Configuration Possibilities"

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

General specifications
Seat width:
500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 950, 1000 mm
Seat depth:
440 - 540 mm
Back height possibilities range:
550 mm
Seat height range measured to seatplate:
430 mm
Weight of wheelchair without cushions:
50 kg
Max. load:
450 kg
Recline angle:
80°, 94°, 104°
Leg support length with standard leg support:
360 - 500 mm
Width added to seat width with standard wheels:
200 mm
Arm support height (from seatplate to armpad):
185 - 325 mm
Allowed as seat in a car:

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

ADL Mobility
ADL socializing
ADL less pain
Less pain
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