Our vision

In the late 1980s Netti was established on the stunning west coast in Norway. Since the beginning, the goal is always in dialogue with the customer to create simple solutions that enables joy of life. As a seating and positioning specialist Netti offers high quality solutions for long time seating. We are one of the few providers in the area of dynamic seating and in the field of users with complex demands. Our focus is “Enable joy of life” and all products are designed so that they enable or improve the mobility of the user and facilitate participation in the activities of everyday life.

ADL socializing
Increased possibilties of socializing
ADL eating and drinking
Improved eating and drinking ability
ADL less pain
Better health and less pain

The Netti DNA

For the user that is dependent on his wheelchair when being active or participating in social life, small design details makes a big difference. Our therapists and product specialists focus on bio-mechanics to secure a solution so that the user will feel comfortable. The solution should also make it possible for him to be active, to socialize – and enable joy of life.

The Netti products enable people to have more comfort and to be a part of the social life, i.e. by reducing muscle tone and pain, by achieving a stable sitting position or when enabling people to com­municate and perform daily life activities. The Netti products give the users comfort, stability, relief and variation.

Joy of life

The wish to enable joy of life is deeply rooted in the DNA of Netti. We aim to make a difference for the users as well as for our customers. It starts with the wish to solve a challenge for a specific user group – we constantly seek to minimize the gap between the possible and impossible.


When developing a product, we make use of our own competent therapists and specialists to secure that the entire framework as regulations, reimbursement system and user situation is kept in mind.


Our employees have specialized knowledge within user challenges and wheelchairs, and we have therefore developed the Netti Method to help our customers create the best possible seating solutions for the wheelchair users.


We develop and produce our products ourselves, which enables us to keep a high standard and secure that our demand for a high level of quality is kept all the way. Quality is not only important when looking at the actual product itself. Netti believes that all services should have the highest possible standard – having many employees with over 15 years’ experience makes this possible.


To enable joy of life for us also means to support sustainability. We want to produce products of a high standard which will last for longer and in many cases even enable joy of life for several users.

We salute individuality

We know that no two persons are alike, and we honor to offer the widest range of wheelchairs and accessories in the market. We adapt the wheelchair to the user – and not vise versa. With Netti there is always a wheel­chair that fits your needs.

Netti - Enable Joy of Life
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