The Netti Method

The Netti Method describes how we at Netti think and act when we create a seating solution for the wheelchair user. The idea behind The Netti Method is that only through knowledge and with the right tools, you can create the solution that enables the user to be active and participate in social life – to enable joy of life.

With The Netti Method you combine the knowledge from Netti Campus with the challenge-solving Netti 5 Seating Steps. In that way, you have the fundamental knowledge and tools to create the optimum seating solution.

Netti Campus

At Netti Campus we share our knowledge as seminars, webinar and online resources. We have divided our knowledge into the following main areas:

  • Framework
  • Wheelchair user
  • Seating positioning
  • Products
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Netti 5 Seating Steps

The steps to create an optimum seating solution are

  1. Clarify expectations and challenges
  2. Observe and assess the user’s situation
  3. Define seating strategy and set SMART goals
  4. Create seating solution
  5. Evaluate
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