Netti 4U CED XL

The Netti 4U CED XL is the larger version of Netti 4U CED keeping the lightweight and narrow design making the chair ideal for narrow doorways and tight indoor spaces. The chair can easily be transported in mid-range cars.

Modern design
Excellent ergonomic solutions
Many configuration options
Ideal for hip asymmetries
Seat width 550 and 600 mm
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Why choose this chair?
Configuration possibilities
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Why choose this chair?

Many leg support options

A good positioning of the feet is the first step in creating an upright and stable seating position. And even head control is influenced by the leg positioning. Therefor many leg support options are important if you want to create the best possible seating situation allowing the user to socialize and improve respiration.

Netti 4U CED XL with its many leg support options, is a good choice if you have users with challenges like:

  • Pointed foot
  • Contractions
  • Restless legs
  • Extra need of support
  • Involuntary movements
  • Amputation
  • Asymmetries
30 mm seat width flexibility

Seat width reduction (2x15 mm) give room for growth and make the Netti 4U CED XL economical in use. These reduction pads can also be used to create optimum stability and position.

Combined with the flexibility in seat depth, this makes Netti 4U CED XL suitable for users of many sizes.

For larger seat widths, we offer Netti III XXHD

Adaptable for asymmetries

Netti 4U CED XL offers the most options to compensate for different asymmetries.

Hip asymmetries can be accommodated through different adjustment of the extension pieces offering a stable fundament.

Curved back shape can be supported through the Velcro back with 6 individually adjustable straps as well as the possibility to position the back cushion according to the user’s back shape.

Total width only +180 mm

Netti 4Us are the most narrow and lightweight wheelchairs on the market.

The length of the wheelchair decreases when the ergonomic push bow is pressed down, making the wheelchair ideal for narrow doorways and tight indoor spaces.

Total seat width of the wheelchair

  • Seat width +180 mm with standard wheels
  • Seat width +195 mm with drum brake wheels
  • Seat width +170 mm with 16”/12,5” wheels
Who will benefit from this wheelchair?

User group Netti Campus

The Netti 4U CED XL is ideal for long-term sitting (8+ hours per day). The chair works well for users being transferred by hoist or to the side.

For user with specific challenges like e.g.

  • Hip rotation or pelvic rotation
  • Asymmetries like scoliosis
  • Kyphosis
  • Users with neurological disabilities like spasticity and restlessness


For users needing specific accessories like e.g.

  • Medical device
  • Special leg support solutions
  • Firm aluminium back
  • Dynamic components

Key Features

Ergonomic push bow
Adjustable velcro back
Flexible arm support
Extenders for leg length compensation
Seat width flexibility

Configuration possibilities

An overview of all the possibilities you have with this wheelchair.

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

Leg supports
Angle adjustable leg support with calf support and footplates:
Netti Grandis leg support:
Universal leg support:
Netti Dynamic leg support:
Adjustable extension pieces:
Amputation leg support:
Abduction leg support +50 mm:
Electric angle adjustable leg support:
Sliding seat plate:
Firm seat plate:
Dynamic seat plate:
Comfort seat plate:
Electric tilt function:
Back cushion options possible:
Back height extension:
H-belt adapter:
Side supports:
Dynamic back option:
Libertas option:
Electric back function:
Pelvic belt and harness
Hip belts:
Pelvis stabilizer and other belts from BodyPoint:
H-belt adapter:
Upper body support from Netti and Bodypoint:
Arm support
Revolvable arm support:
Removable arm support:
Height and depth adjustable armrest:
Various arm pad:
Hemi arm support:
Half tray:
Head support
Head support A:
Various head supports:
Head support stabilizer:
Netti Dynamic head support:
Aluminium head support adapter:
Dynamic component
Netti Dynamic head support:
Netti Dynamic seat plate:
Netti Dynamic back:
Libertas flexible back:
Netti Dynamic leg support:
Wheels and brakes
Frame brakes:
Brake lever extension:
Drum brakes:
Anti tippers without pedal:
Anti tippers with pedal:
Frame extension:
One hand drive:
One hand brake:
Easy Wheel:
Ad on drive and Powered assist
E-Drive option:
E-Move option:
Wipeable Easy Care cover:
Breathable 3D cover:
Various accessories
Device rack for medical aids:
Intravenous rack:

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible


Further configuration options can be seen in on the tab "Configuration Possibilities"

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

General specifications
Seat width:
550, 600 mm
Optional seat width flexibility:
2x -15 mm
Seat depth:
425 - 500 mm
Back height possibilities range:
500 - 600 mm
Seat height range measured to seatplate:
440 - 500 mm
Weight of wheelchair without cushions:
29 kg
Max. load:
160 kg
Max. load for car transport:
136 kg
Tilt angle:
-5° - +20°
Recline angle:
92° - 137°
Leg support length with standard leg support:
320 - 680 mm
Width added to seat width with standard wheels:
+180 mm / DB: +195 mm / 12+16'' = +170 mm mm
Total length with standard leg supports:
1020 mm
Arm support height (from seatplate to armpad):
265 - 355 mm
Allowed as seat in a car:

= Standard configuration
= Option
= Not possible

Spare part catalogue

Here you have the possibility of downloading a sparepart catalogue for precisely the Netti wheelchair you are looking at right now.

Please be aware that the download can take up to app. 2 minutes and that the catalogue contains app. 250 pages.
The pages are indexed and you can use the PDF tools for a specific search on either item number or name.

The online version offers more information like weight, EAN number, additional information and filter and search functions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

ADL socializing
More time with friends and family
ADL skin protection
Skin protection
ADL improved vital functions
Improved vital functions
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