How to change the seath height

Netti V provides a unique seat height flexibility, which makes it possible to change the seat height

  • to fit multiple activity levels without changing parts
  • to have low seat height with large wheels for comfortable driving
  • without changing wheel position

The seat height adjustment thereby allows the wheelchair to follow the progression of the user’s illness, from All-round wheelchair propelled by foot or hand to Comfort wheelchair.

  • 70 mm seath height flexibility without changing wheels or wheel position
  • 100 mm when changing wheel position
  • 169 mm when chaning wheel size and position

Possible seat heights
- from floor to top of seat plate

70 mm seat height adjustment using the bracket
Change the wheel position to gain more seat height flexibility - Netti V

User manual Netti V

For further information, please download the user manual for Netti V.

User manual Netti V
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