It has never been easier to change the seat height

Netti V can be used for active users who are able to propel the chair themselves as well as passive users who are pushed in their wheelchair by a carer. The amazing point being that the same chair can be adjusted to fit both needs – often without changing or adding any extra parts.

One chair – many solutions
Low seat height for active use
High seat height for passive use

Large seat height flexibility

  • The seat height adjustment allows the wheelchair to follow the progression of the user’s illness, from All-round wheelchair to Comfort wheelchair
  • 70 mm height adjustment without change of wheel position, wheel size or need of extra parts. For wheel combination 24'' + 7'', this means from seat height 386 to 456 mm
  • 100 mm height adjustment by changing wheel position
  • Our seat height solution enables seat height range from 345 to 514 mm with different wheel positions and sizes - still with good manoeuvrability
See video tutorial for easy height adjustment

Large wheels and low seat height provides good driving comfort

A challenge when offering comfort wheelchairs with a low seat height is that smaller wheels mostly are a necessity. Small wheels inevitable lead to poorer manoeuvrability and less comfort for the user.

Netti V changes this! 

Netti V has a unique seat height adjustment solution (patent pending). We can offer a seat height of 386 mm and still mount 24” main wheels and 7” front wheels. This makes it possible to maintain good driving characteristics and enable the user to hand propel the chair.

Over time the health status of our users might change. An active user, who used to hand or foot propel the chair, might be in need of help from an attendant to stay mobile. The seat height of Netti V can easily be changed to a seat height 456 mm without changing the wheel position, and from 456 to 486 mm by changing the wheel position. No extra parts are needed for this.

In other words:

70 mm seat height adjustment without change of wheel position, wheel size, or the need of any extra parts.

100 mm seat height adjustment without change of wheel size, or the need of any extra parts.

How do we achieve this? 

Our Netti V wheelchair offers a unique height adjustment system.

This enables 70 mm adjustment without change of wheel position, wheel size or other parts. The Netti V seat height adjustment bracket allows for 70 mm height adjustment - independent from the choice of wheel dimension and position.

This makes it possible for us to equip the wheelchair with large main wheels to enable the user to hand-propel as well as foot-propel the wheelchair.

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