A wheelchair for asymmetrical seating positions

Netti V is designed for optimum adjustment to the user’s body shape with many built-in options for adjustments.

Head support and back support can be adjusted asymmetrical
Designed to support different back shapes; A, V and H shape
Leg abduction accomodate for hip and pelvic rotation 

Adaption to torso curvatures

Sometimes it is not enough to place the back cushion asymmetrical on our adjustable back velcro.
Sometimes seat width reduction or extension does not give the user the correct support.

Netti V solves this by a back support solution which can angle the back tubes to support more narrow shoulders (A) or broad shoulders (V).

Asymmetrical head position

All Netti head supports will fit the Netti V.
Longer tubes are available on request to create a perfect fit, no matter what height or depth the head support must be placed in.
To accomodate for a asymmetrical head position, the sidewards adjustable head support adapter can easily be moved on the push bar. This is done by loosening 2 screws with the provided allen key found at the back of the seat plate.

Learn more about the head support adjustment

Rotation of pelvic - rotation of hip

Users having rotation in the pelvic or hip area must be supported in a perfect fitted chair to prevent them to twist further.

If not, this can lead to postural problems and back pain. A perfect fitted seat width is of high importance - Netti V offers seat width adjustment, comfort pads and pelvic side supports. For Netti V we also offer many leg support solutions.

In case the user has mobility or positioning challenges at the legs/hip/pelvis, a built-in stepless leg abduction of up to 25 mm per side is possible.

For the fitting, the use of the pelvic positioner guide might also be of importance to secure that the hips are equally supported.

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