Netti V is the solution even if the user gains weight or no longer can propel the chair by hand

The unique design of Netti V ensures, that the wheelchair can be used by the user for a long time – also when the needs change or the user grows, gains weight or looses weight.

The same wheelchair can be adjusted to active users as well as passive users by simply adjusting the chair – no extra parts are needed.

With Netti V, you have many different adjustment possibilities

100 mm height adjustment with the same wheels!

No need to change to smaller wheels and give up the good driving characteristics. With Netti V you can achieve seat heights between 386-486 mm with standard main wheel size 24’’ and front wheels 7”.

175 mm seat depth adjustment

175 mm seat depth flexibility - growth and minor changes in seat depth is not an issue with Netti V - seat depth is easily adjusted.

Seat width: 50 mm at seat, back and legs

To accomodate for growth and change in need for seat width, we have created the Netti V with the possibility to make a real seat width adjustment of 25 or 50 mm:

  • Leg support
  • Arm support
  • Back support

Leg abduction: 50 mm

In case the user has mobility or positioning challenges at the legs and/or hip/pelvis, a stepless leg abduction of up to 25 mm per side is possible.

Balancing point according to user needs

The unique design makes it possible for you to move the whole seating unit stepless backwards or forwards on top of the wheelframe to achieve the best balance point for the specific user.
Futhermore, you can change the wheel foot print (the distance between the castors and main wheels by 110 mm to optimize the stability and the ease of driving of the wheelchair.
The back support can be moved 25 mm backward / forward if extra balancing is needed.

Fit to asymmetries

Stepless sideway adjustment of the head support, asymmetrical back support shape and the possibilty to use the built-in leg abductions and extension pieces accommodates for different asymmetries.

Learn more about adaptation to asymmetric seating positions

The same wheelchair can be used for a long time

No need to change wheelchair when the user’s activity level changes or by changing body messurements


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