How to adjust the seat width of Netti V

To accomodate for growth or to adapt the wheelchair to new users, we have created Netti V with the possibility to make a real seat width adjustment of +25 mm or +50 mm. You can adjust the width by adjusting the

  • Leg support
  • Arm support
  • Back support
  • Driving wheels

See how to do it, in the short videos below:

Back adjustment - seat width expansion
Wheels adjustment - seat width expansion
Leg adjustment - seat width expansion
Arm support adjustment - seat width expansion

Recommendations for leg support adjustment

By the angle adjustable foot support, the lock between the foot plates can be adjusted 15 mm outwards reaching a total of 23 mm.
If the lock of the foot plates cannot fit after expanding the seat width, we recommend to order new foot plates according to the present seat width.

Foot plates for angle adjustable foot supports

User manual Netti V

For further information, please download the user manual for Netti V.

User Manual Netti V
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