Pressure ulcer

Pressure ulcers or decubitus is a painful condition which is influenced by both internal and external factors. It can occur in all parts of the body, but some points are more prone than others. Areas with little adipose tissue between the bone and the skin are particularly at risk.

Particularly exposed areas:
  • Sitting bones
  • Tail bone
  • Sacral bone
  • Heels
  • Shoulder blades, elbows etc.

To understand the mechanism behind skin damage and protection, we need to realize that in wheelchairs, 50% of the body’s weight is supported by only 8% of the body’s surface, as being on the sitting bones.

Negative factors that challenges the skin:
  • Aging skin as there is a diminished amount of tissue between the skin and the bone.
  • Microclimate is affected by incontinence, higher temperatures and moisture.
  • Scar tissue which might accure after pressure sores will tolerate less and risk for new pressure sores is higher.
  • Wrong nutrition, smoking, age, immobility are other factors that have high impact on the risk for skin damage.

How can the choice of wheelchair contribute to skin protection? 

For long time seating the following options and adjustment possibilities need to be considered:

  • Correct adjustment of the chair to the user to minimize the risk of sliding and shearing
  • Tilt and recline range - maybe even self-adjustment by user
  • Seat cushion with good sink-in function
  • Back cushion providing needed stability
  • Electrical functions can be considered
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How to create and keep the correct position and stability in the wheelchair?

The primary position and stability will be created with the standard parts of the wheelchair such as leg supports, seat and back cushion, head support and also the arm support. If secondary position aids are needed, accessoiries like a side supports, belts and harnesses can be added.

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Our Seat and back cushions

Here you see a short view of our seat and back cushions and how much stability they offer. If you want to read more about the cushions and their special features, you are of course welcome to contact us. For a start you find a great overview here.


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