When the challenge is stability

Stability is imperative to maintain the right position. With the right seat and back cushion, you can support the user’s pelvis and torso to obtain the right position that is stable. In that way we can ensure, that the user can sit in the chair comfortable for hours. 


Our Seat and back cushions and how much stability they offer

Netti Uno Seat Netti Sit  Ride Forward Ride Java Seat
Stabilizing features for pelvic ➕➕ ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕
Multilayer foam
Prevents forward sliding ➕➕ ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕
Suitable for incontinence ✔*
Micro climate control ➕➕** ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕
Built-in abduction
XXL sizes
Individual adjustable

* with Easy Care cover
** extra micro climate control with the temperature stabilizing cover: °C

Netti Uno Back Netti Smart Netti Stabil Netti Super Stabil
Netti S Super Stabil
Netti Kyphotic Ride Java Back
Ride Decaf
Stabilizing features for torso ➕➕ ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕➕ ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕➕
Multilayer foam
Different back heights
Different depths
Optimum for kyphosis
Adjustable lumbar support ✔*
XXL sizes
Small sizes
Different cover options
Individually adjustable

*only Netti Super Stabil

Other elements to create stability

The primary position and stability will be created by the seat and back cushion along with:

Secondary position and stability can be created by adding accessories like e.g.

You can learn more in the below articles.

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