What is important when choosing seat cushion?

Having the right position in a wheelchair is one of the main factors needed both to remain healthy and also to age well with a disability. The 4 important factors of a good seating solutions are:

  • Positioning
  • Stability
  • Variation
  • Skin protection

Stability is imperative to maintain the right position. Loss of position increases the negative load on the body – the skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and other structures and reduces the quality of life. Variation is important to vary this load so health can be optimized. To ensure a comfortable long-time seating, the skin must be protected and temperature, moisture, gravity pressure, friction, shear forces thus need to be optimized.

Netti Uno Seat Netti Sit  Ride Forward Ride Java Seat
Stabilizing features for pelvic ➕➕ ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕
Multilayer foam
Prevents forward sliding ➕➕ ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕
Suitable for incontinence ✔*
Micro climate control ➕➕** ➕➕➕ ➕➕➕
Built-in abduction
XXL sizes
Individual adjustable

* with Easy Care cover
** extra micro climate control with the temperature stabilizing cover: °C

Choose the solution that matches the user’s needs

Our seat cushion program is designed for long time seating and for many years we have been able to choose the correct solution for the individual user through the large assortment of sizes and designs. The Netti cushions complement many of the functions that we value highly in the development of our chairs such as multi-point pelvic stabilization, optimum freedom of movement and excellent pressure distribution. Originally designed and developed for the Netti chairs, but they have proven to be excellent cushions in the Meyra and TA wheelchairs as well.

The Ride Designs cushions are committed to creating and providing seating systems that enhance the user’s mobility, function and posture – all while protecting their skin better than anything they may have used in the past.

Ride Designs are as well as we are problem solvers!
Again, available for all our product lines – comfort, active and power.

Netti Uno Seat


Ergonomic cushion

  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Prevents sliding
  • Good sink-in properties for stability
Read about Netti Uno Seat

Netti Sit


Good pressure distribution and stabilizing properties

  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Side support & abduction for better stability
  • Prevents sliding with firmer foam in front
  • Great pressure distributive properties with very good sink in properties
  • Microclimate control with optional cover

Read about our Netti S Sit for small sizes.

Read about Netti Sit

Ride Forward




A comfortable wheelchair cushion that offers pressure relief and moderate support.

  • Surrounds the pelvis with supportive contours
  • Reduces pressure around at-risk bony prominences
  • Improve postural control without compromise of skin protection
  • For category 1 and 2 wounds
Read about Ride Forward

Ride Java



Provides the highest level of skin protection and postural control.

  • Safe and stable support of low risk areas and off-loading of high risk areas.
  • Reduces buildup of heat and humidity.
  • Very high sitting stability.
  • Also for users with medium to high skin risk.
Read about Ride Java Seat
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