Netti S with a wide leg support solution

– accommodates spicacast after hip operation.

It can be difficult to remain mobile and have a good seating position when being positioned with your legs abducted in a spica cast. Netti S enables the child to be mobile despite the cast that keeps the hips and pelvis in the right position for the weeks after the operation.

Many solve this by using a wide wheelchair to enable the abducted legs fit in the wheelchair. This is however not a great seating solution.

We from Netti have kept the wheelchair narrow but created wide leg supports while the overall width of the chair is narrow.

The advantages are:

  • It is easier to maneuver in tight areas like homes
  • The person itself has easier and more ergonomic access to the driving wheels so shoulder problems as secondary symptoms can be avoided.

Furthermore, Netti S gives the opportunity to:

  • Open the hip angle, if necessary, using the recline function.
  • Use 35° tilt to avoid pressure injury
  • Elevate the leg supports while tilt is used to reduce fluid stagnation and swelling in the legs

Combining lightness and perfect handling in an innovative design

Learn more about Netti S or our other chairs for young users.

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