• Ready to use!
  • For more comfort and stability
  • Multiple layers of foam allows faster sink in.
  • 17 cm side support for more stability
  • Works well in combination with side support Stable
  • Individually height-adjustable
  • Backrest height 50 or 60 cm.
  • Comes with two pads for adjustment of lumbar support and side support as well as adaptation for light scoliosis
  • Breathable 3D or wipeable Easy Care cover.
  • Two ergonomic lumbar support can be adjusted or removed as needed
  • Rounded corners for greater freedom of movement in the arm and shoulder area.
  • Multiple layers of foam allows faster sink in.
  • 17 cm side support with reinforcement.
  • Freedom of movement of the arms due to low side supports.
  • The unique design ensures freedom of movement of the shoulders.
  • Plenty of room for the hips to ensure a stable sitting position.


    If you already have a 50 cm cushion, it is enough to buy a 60 cm cover and a backrest extension. This makes the handover of the chair to new users easy and economic. Netti | Smart, Netti | Stabil und Netti | Super Stabil are supplied with a 60 cm high backrest.


    There is a measurement system with six crescents at the back of the backrest. This ensures that the cushion can be re-placed correctly and easily by a helper when the cushion was removed to be washed, for example.


    Two rear flaps with velcro that hold the pillow so it does not change its position. This makes the chair look chic also from behind. Integrated storage bag The lower flap can be folded down to cover the gap between the back and seat cushions.

  • Covers
  • 3D

    Breathable, elastic and durable. The 3D mesh structure enhances the microclimate, ventilates and reduces heat build-up. This strengthens the skin and the resistance of the underlying tissue against internal and external influences, such as pressure and shear. 100% PES (Polyester).


    Durable, breathable, elastic, wipeable and hygienic. PES (Polyester) + PU.


In our documentation you will find a list of all offered sizes, article numbers and possible accessories. You find the information under the tab named "Documentation".
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  • Alu Rehab Knowledge Centre

    Through years of development and production of wheelchairs and seating systems, Alu Rehab has amassed much knowledge in this field. This we would like to share with you. Learn more about:


    The Velcro backrest enhances the support that the back cushion provides to the upper body. When the chair is adjusted to best suit the user, the backrest shape is adjusted with six straps in such a way that the lumbar curve and curvature of the spine of the user are supported as much as possible. The continuous adjustment of the seat cushion height facilitates the perfect, customised fit.


    The pivot point of the foot support is positioned next to the knees of the user to ensure that the natural movement of the body is not interrupted by mechanics. The compensating leg length adjustment ensures optimum pressure distribution and stability - in all sitting positions. The knee can be kept in a 90° angle when the chair is upright, something which is not possible in all chairs. This keeps the user in a stable sitting position and unintentional changes of position are prevented.


    For our designers ergonomics and technical solutions go hand in hand. The backrest hinge and its placement hold the secret to the comfort of the Netti wheelchairs and are unique for wheelchairs from Alu Rehab. This solution ensures that the user does not slide forward when the backrest is reclined. Together with the foot supports it prevents bad sitting position, shear forces and pressure ulcers.


    Alu Rehab provides an improved seating system based on the 7 principles for maximum sitting comfort. The Netti Seating System supplements many features of the Netti wheelchairs. Together they form the optimum solution with multi-point stabilisation of the pelvis that allows maximum freedom of movement for the upper body and represent an excellent pressure distribution solution. 

    All our seat cushions are designed for users who spend many hours in the seat, and are constructed in such a way that the cushions are not ‘sat through’. The height of the ergonomically shaped back cushion can be individually adjusted. It provides optimum stability and head control, which is especially important during long periods of sitting. The Netti back cushions provide freedom of movement during activities.

  • Netti has developed a new, strong leg support for Netti Mobile. The leg support has a fixed 110° angle and will always come with foot plate and heel strap.

    The new leg support is specifically developed to be more rigid, has round tubes and is adjustable in 5 steps for leg heights from 370 mm to 460 mm (foot plate to seat plate).
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Seat width

35-60 cm

Back height

50 cm
(60 cm)


Ready for use

Lumbar support




Height  adjustable

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