Examples of configured chairs

At Alu Rehab the guiding principle is that the wheelchair must be adapted to the user and not vice versa. For the respective countries and markets we supply a flexible standard configuration that fits most wheelchair owners. Since we are not all equal, we specialise in customised solutions. Here are some examples of customised solutions that are often supplied to selected patient groups; to give an idea of the size and flexibility of our range of chairs and accessories.

These are only a few examples of possible combinations based on a standard chair and the standard accessories used to optimise the wheelchair for the individual user. We look forward to providing you advice and assistance and to find an individual solution for every user.

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Patients with ALS

As this disease develops quickly, we present here a selection of accessories that are available at short notice. This group of patients often need a wheelchair that provides support, comfort and pressure relief. Not only for the buttocks and back, but for all the parts exposed to contact.

This chair has a side cushion adapted to the body weight of the user, a thicker and stronger relieving back cushion, extra upholstered armrest pads, calf pads and foot plates. The head support with side supports provides the head with good support and is also available with a brow band.

Many require additional safety, which is why we've equipped the chair with H-strap, hip belt and seat tilt limiter.

The chair has a general-purpose bracket where an oxygen machine, etc. can be attached, making the patient mobile at all times.

Netti III Comfort with:

  • Headsupport A
  • Push bar
  • Vital Base Stabil back cushion, 60 cm
  • Vital Base Venti cushion
  • Belt
  • Soft arm pads
  • Comfort pads
  • Calf pads
  • General-purpose bracket

Patients with MS

As the illness progresses, the patient may need a wheelchair that offers good support and comfort while allowing a high degree of autonomy. Here is an example of a Netti III comfort EL with special accessories.

This chair has electrical controls for seat tilt, recline and foot supports. The remote control can be attached to a holder on one armrest, allowing the user to adjust the chair during the day by themselves and so achieve the optimum pressure distribution.

The Easy Wheel is installed to compensate for the increased weight of the electrical control system. This is a wheel that reduces the effort required to propel the chair by 50%. This way the user will not notice the increased weight of the chair.

Netti III Comfort El with:

  • Head support C
  • Netti Smart back cushion
  • Vital Base Sit seating cushion
  • Electric recline, tilt and leg support
  • Holder for controle
  • Easy Wheel
  • Belt

Patients with presis such as hemiplegia

In hemiplegia, the patient has paralysis and restricted movement on one side of the body. Many have difficulty walking, but can still be very independent operate in terms of their ADL. A well-adapted wheelchair is crucial.

The chair we present here is optimised for maximum support and activity. He has a low seat height and an open front frame so that the user can use his leg for foot propelling. The Bondi Coxit seat cushion is ideal for users with an open and active hip angle. It simultaneously provides good support for the passive leg.

The chair is equipped with an Easy Wheel on one side. This wheel makes it much easier for the user to drive the chair, due to about 50% less muscle strength than normal required.

Depending on the user’s needs and activity, the backrest can be angled forward in an active ‘forward position’ or backwards for rest and relaxation. The release handle for adjustment is mounted under one armrest.

Netti I with:

  • Head support B
  • Netti Stabil back cushion
  • Bondi Coxit seating cushion
  • Half tray
  • Belt
  • Recline handled under arm support
  • Universal leg supports

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