Rim controlled drive unit for easy self propulsion

E-Move is the first push rim controlled drive unit on the market that can be adapted to the user’s actual needs. The user simply has to drive as straight as possible for a maximum of 50 seconds. With one click of the programming software, E-Move recommends the optimum settings for the user. Small adjustments can easily be made to the parameters if required. Whether the user has disbalanced arm strength, can use only one arm, is in need for (different) sensitivity in either push rim, additional power either forwards or backwards or turning sensitivity, it is very simple to customise.

The “second driving profile” option allows users to easily change the driving characteristics. Any changes that the user needs can be assigned to this function, so it is not just “indoor” or “outdoor” although also very usefull in these situations.

For further details and to order, please use the order form found under the tab "downloads".

Why choose this?
Does it fit my Netti?

Why choose this?

No need to think about any imbalance in arm strength

Programming software for E-Move allows you to fine tune the parameters.

Safety is always of highest importance. Therefore, all settings for the right wheel are backed up on the left wheel and vice versa. Calibration has never been so easy. Calibrate both wheels within one minute. It is not only quick, it is secure, extremely accurate and durable.

It is available in a standard version for max. user weight of 130 kg and a heavy duty version for a max. user weight of 150 kg.

  • Motor Yamaha motors: AC servomotor, 24V 110W
  • Batterytype NiMH, 24 V, 6.7 Ah, (160.8 Wh) range 18 km
  • Option: Li-ion, 25 V, 11.8 Ah (280 Wh) range 30 km
  • Wheel 7 kg
  • Total weight 17 kg (including NiMH battery) 18 kg (including Li-ion battery)
  • Total chair width Netti 4U CED: Seat width approx. + 22 cm. Netti III Family: Seat width approx. + 26 cm
    E-Drive increases the total width with approx. 4 cm
  • Wheel dimensions 20”, 22”, 24” or 26”
  • Air pressure 6 Bar, 600 kPa
  • Speed 0–6 km/h
  • Maximum range with fully charged battery Approx. 18 km with NiMH battery
  • Approx. 30 km with Li-ion battery in accordance with ISO 7176-4
  • Fuse 30A (flat)
  • Max user weight 130 kg. Max user weight “Heavy-duty” 150 kg
  • Max gradient 6°
  • CE mark Complies with EU-Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Battery charger 100 to 240V AC, 50/60H
  • Estimated effect 37V 26A (when charging)
  • Rated power charging time Normal charging time approx. 2–3 hours NiMH & Li-ion.
  • Service charge NiMH: 3-13 hours, full capacity (once every 13-26 charges)
What do I get when I order E-Move?
  • Two motor-driven wheels in size 20", 22", 24" or 26" pneumatic wheels
  • Stainless steel push rims
  • On/Off button on the right side
  • Battery + battery charger
  • A battery case for mounting behind the seat
  • User manual
  • Two-year warranty
Programmable according to unique needs:
  • Extra power forwards (0–100%)
  • Extra power reverse (60–100%)
  • Rotation sensitivity
  • Hemiplegia (one-hand operation)
  • Left push rim sensitivity
  • Right push rim sensitivity
  • Correction of imbalance in arm strength
  • Adjustable speed limitation

Does it fit my Netti?

If you do not know, which Netti you have, please check the serial number.

You will find the serial no. on a label at the lower cross bar. It writes xxx-xxxxxx.

The first 3 digits of the serial number will help you determine which Netti wheelchair you have.
Please check our FAQ for a list of all serialnumbers and Netti model.


Decon E-Move
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