At Netti, we believe that anything is possible – so if you have a user with challenges that cannot be overcome with our standard range, feel free to contact us.

It could also be the surroundings that are challenging e.g. the narrow elevator or the small hallway in the spartment.

Our team of experienced technicians, sales staff and customer service will work closely with our custom design department to adapt the chair or accessories as required.

For further guidance and help, please feel free to contact the Netti Competence Center or your Netti sales representative.

Calf support in individual length with soft upholstery

Divided foot box with support to the middle

Mono pad leg support with aluminium footboard

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Netti Dynamic upper parts with speed absorber

This item works as a speed limiter for extension and flexion movements. It lowers the speed in both direction to prevent from hard movements, in both ways up and down.

Aluminium footboard

Dynamic leg support for assymetric leg movement and assymetric seating position

Footbox for different leg length

Deep aluminium footboard with edge

Horizontal footbox

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