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Netti at Netti will be happy to support you in the entire process – from the first contact with the end user to the evaluation of the offered solution. We are represented with our own sales staff in Norway as well as Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and China as well as by importers in more than 30 countries.

Norway Norway Norway China Denmark Denmark Denmark Norway Denmark Denmark


including African and Middle Eastern markets


Alu Rehab AS
Bedriftsveien 23
NO-4353 Klepp stasjon

Tel: +47 51 78 62 20

Email us at Post@My-Netti.com


including European, Asian and South American markets


Alu Rehab ApS
Kløftehøj 8
DK-8680 Ry

Tel: +45 87 88 73 00
Fax: +45 87 88 73 19

Contact us at Info@My-Netti.com


including Asian markets


Alu Rehab (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Xiamen City,
Haicang Industrial District
Weng Jiao Road 289
Haitou Kechuang Center Building 3
Floor 1-2 361022

Tel: +86 592 651 7680 808

Find your local Netti sales representative

Netti is represented with our own staff in our homeland Norway as well as in Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Find your Netti team on the respective webpage:

Are you looking for a contact outside these countries, please contact our offices in Norway, Denmark or China. We have importers in more than 30 countries.

In dialogue we create simple solutions and enable joy of life

— Netti by Alu Rehab
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