Netti Dynamic III HD

This is the Netti 4U III HD in a complete dynamic configuration with a dynamic seat plate and a dynamic back support as standard. You can choose between a 15° degree back and a 40° flexible back depending on the user's need.

Dynamic seat plate
Dynamic back solution
Dynamic leg support accessory option
Dynamic head support accessory option

The Netti III HD is designed for special solutions and reinforced for heavy duty with max load of 160 kg. The double gas cylinder for seat tilting provides additional stability. Netti Smart back cushion is ergonomically shaped and its accurately positioned lumbar support and 120 mm side supports provides enhanced stability of the torso.

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Varför välja denna Netti?
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Varför välja denna Netti?

Why choose a Netti Dynamic III HD?

We recommend the Netti Dynamic III HD when you are looking for at dynamic chair with the following highlights:

  • Dynamic seat and back
  • Optional dynamic leg and head support
  • Stable construction
  • Need of medical aids
  • Removeable arm supports
  • Higher user weight
  • Reinforced chair
When to choose a complete dynamic wheelchair

A complete dynamic wheelchair is indicated when the symptoms of the user result in a total extension spasm or in involuntary movements of the hip/back which in most cases also affects the legs.

The advantages of a dynamic wheelchairs
  • Allowing movement
  • Distributing forces
  • Increase the total seating time per day
  • Increased postural control
  • Minimize spasticity
  • Increased ADL for the user
  • Longer lifetime of the wheelchair
The user advantages of dynamic seating

We at Netti always seek to improve the user’s overall wellbeing and ability to take part in everyday life activities. The seating advantages of dynamic solutions are among others:

  • Being able to sit longer time in the wheelchair
  • Skin protection by minimizing sliding and shear
  • Optimal posture enabling better eating, drinking and respiration functions
  • Less pain

Read here for more information on user advantages

Documented effects

Overall conclusion from the literature search done 2019, the dynamic wheelchair lowers discomfort and pain levels, enhances sitting tolerance and quality of life for the dynamic wheelchair user.

What is included in a Netti Dynamic wheelchair

A complete dynamic wheelchair from Netti includes:

  • Netti dynamic seat plate
  • Netti dynamic back solution with 15° or 40° flexibilty and strength according to your choice
  • Arm supports with hand protection
  • Frame extension
  • Longer anti-tippers
  • Bodypoint Evoflex stablilizer in a size according to your choice


Dynamic leg supports and headsupport are offered as optional accessory.


Who can benefit from this wheelchair?

User group Netti CampusPersons that can benefit from dynamic solutions include among others users with specific challenges like e.g.

  • Dyskinetic CP
  • Dystonia
  • Chorea Huntington
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Demential Syndromes
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Involuntary movements


Dynamic Back solution
Dynamic Seat solution
Accessory: dynamic leg and head support
Reinforced design


= Standard konfiguration
= Option
= Inte möjligt

Vinkelreglerbara benstöd med vad- och fotplattor:
Netti Grandis benstöd:
Universal benstöd:
Netti Dynamic benstöd:
Hel fotplatta:
Justerbar benstödsfäste:
Abduktion för benstöd +50 mm:
Elektriska benstöd:
Fast sittplatta:
Netti Dynamic sittplatta:
Komfort sittplatta:
Elektrisk tiltfunktion:
Olika alternativ för ryggdyna:
Fäste för h-sele:
Dynamisk ryggfunktion:
Libertas option:
Elektrisk ryggfunktion:
Bälten och selar för överkropp
Bäckenstabilisator och andra bälten från Bodypoint:
Fäste för h-sele:
Selar för överkropp från Netti och Bodypoint:
Upfällbara armstöd:
Återförbart armstöd:
Höjd- och djupjusterbara armstöd:
Olika armstödsplattor:
Huvudstöd typ A:
Olika huvudstöd:
Netti Dynamic huvudstöd:
Aluminium huvudstödsfäste:
Dynamiska komponenter
Netti Dynamic huvudstöd:
Netti Dynamic sittplatta:
Netti Dynamic rygg:
Libertas option:
Netti Dynamic benstöd:
Hjul och bromsar
Längre bromspak:
Tippskydd uten fotpedal:
Tippskydd med fotpedal:
Easy Wheel:
E-Drive option:
E-Move option:
Hygieniskt Easy Care överdrag:
Andningsaktivt 3D-överdrag:
Olika tillbehör
Universalhållare till medicinske apparater:

= Standard konfiguration
= Option
= Inte möjligt


Sittbredd i mm:
350, 380, 400, 430, 450, 500 mm
Optional sitsbreddflexibilitet i mm:
2 x +1,2 mm
Sittdjup i mm (justerbar i 25 mm steg):
400 - 500 mm
Möjliga rygghöjder i mm:
500 - 600 mm
Möjlig sitthöjd uppmätt till sittplattan i mm:
460 - 490 (480 - 530) mm
Rullstolens totala vikt utan kuddar:
36 kg
Max. användarvikt:
135 kg
Max. användarvikt för biltransport:
135 kg
-9° - +16°
Bredd läggs till sätet med standardhjul:
220 mm
Benstödslängd med standardbenstöd i mm:
320 - 680 mm
Armstödets höjd (från sittplatta till armstöd) i mm:
280 - 310 mm


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ADL respiration
Better respiration
ADL skin protection
Skin protection
ADL less pain
Less pain
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