Updated head support E & F

In the latter half of 2020, we will launch our updated version of our well-known head support E and F.


We have changed from plywood to plastic insert layer for both headsupports to make them stronger. At the same time the hinges for the side supports have been changed from plastic to aluminium and the bolt in the hinge is now longer – this will make the adjustment and positioning of the head support easier.

Both head support are for users:

  • needing increased or additional soft side support
  • needing more sideward support to maintain a good head position
  • users with contracted neck muscles
  • users with head deformities

Head support E gives the side support at the lateral side of the scull and is used when the head has the tendency to drop to the side.

Head support F is a sub-occipital head support with chin support and is used when pressure at the back of the head is not tolerated and when there is a tendency to drop forward.

Please note that the improved version will also have new article numbers and prices. Updated article numbers can be found on the spare part pages for head support E and head support F.

See the head supports here:


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