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When you’re on uneven ground, vibrations can wear you out, making it harder to drive your chair and triggering spasms and pain. Loopwheels make travelling over bumpy ground more fun and less tiring.

Loopwheels have been specially designed to help wheelchair users get around more easily and with more comfort. The springs give you extra power to get up kerbs, and reduce jolting as you come down. This gives a much smoother ride than standard wheels, wherever you go.

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Loopwheels Classics
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Loopwheels Classics Pneumatic 24'' Piece 24W12BKBANGY 1,384.00

Why choose This?

Up to 70% less vibration

Loopwheels give a smoother ride on bumpy, uneven ground such as woodland tracks, cobbles, grass and beach as well as smoother surfaces like paths around town.

Less effort is needed to push over uneven pavements, cobbles, grass and gravel paths and it’s easier to get up kerbs too.

Kerbs are less of an obstacle with loopwheels. Loopwheels reduce jolting, soften the impact of landing, and so can help manage pain.






Up to 70 mm of movement to reduce jolts.






The constant rumble and vibration from bumpy roads is tiring and can cause you problems. Loopwheels reduce vibration on average 65% compared to a traditional spoked wheels.




See more studies and results in our brochure under ''downloads''.

The users say...
  • Over 95% of the customers rate Loopwheels as high or very high quality
  • Over 85% of the users felt positive about Loopwheels after using them for 2 weeks
  • Over 80% of our customers said they’d chosen Loopwheels to reduce the amount of vibration they experienced in their wheelchair


Go more places

“What amazed me about Loopwheels is what an unbelievable confidence boost they gave me. They made it so much easier to get over uneven ground, and made me feel so much happier about getting out and about with my friends and family after my accident.”

Ian Maskell
Injured in a cycling accident in 2013


Be more comfortable

“Potholes, cracks, cobbles – when you have chronic pain, you feel every vibration like a knife. Loopwheels took only a second to fit. They definitely reduce the pain of going over bumps, kerbs and cobbles and have made every trip out far more comfortable.”

Libby Parfitt
Complex Regional Pain Syndrom sufferer


See also testimonial under the tab "videos"

A new feeling

You’ll notice your loopwheel has more movement, vertically and laterally. As soon as the springs are loaded, they compress and further change their concentricity. This is what gives your wheelchair comfort and shock absorption. A Loopwheel is designed to absorb shocks, reduce jolting and cushion your body against vibration. You’ll notice more sideways movement than with a spoked wheel, but you’re trading rigidity for greater comfort.

When you have spent your whole life with rigid spoked wheels, they may seem strange to you at first. But we believe you’ll soon love the differences of the Loopwheel.

Loopwheel springs are made from a carbon composite material, carefully developed and tested to give optimum compression and lateral stability as well as strength and durability. Specially-designed connectors attach the springs to the hub and rim.
The three loops in each wheel work together as a self-correcting system. This spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel provides suspension that constantly adjusts to uneven terrain, cushioning the rider from bumps and potholes in the road. In effect, the hub floats within the rim, adjusting constantly as shocks from an uneven road hit the rim of the wheel.
The spring configuration allows the torque to be transferred smoothly between the hub and the rim.

About whole body vibration

Studies have shown that wheelchair users are exposed to levels of vibration that are considered unsafe and that this can affect health and life quality.

It is a significant risk factor for those with spinal disorders, increasing the amount of muscle fatigue and potentially damaging connecting nerves. Vibration is also believed to have significant impact on pain, the development of pressure sores, spasticity and general discomfort. It limits the time, distance and surfaces that users will consider for manual chair use.

Vibration is higher on rougher surfaces and at higher speeds, for example when using a hand bike attachment off-road.

See more studies and results in our brochure under the tab ''downloads''.

Who can benefit from Loopwheels?

Loopwheels help alleviating e.g. lower back pain, spasms and fatigue.

  • Users with involuntary movements or cerebral palsy (CP) often experiences a reduction in symptoms. The involuntary movement is not “triggered” as frequent and the user can thereby use the wheelchair for longer periods and travel longer distances without experiencing pain or getting exhausted.
  • Users suffering from e.g. fibromyalgia or multiple system atrophy (MSA) or any pain disorder can experience a reduction in discomfort and thus increase mobility.
  • Users with neurological diseases like e.g. MS, ALS, Parkinson’s may experience less symptoms since the vibration to the body is less.
  • Users with organ dysfunctions like bladder- or bowel dysfunctions. The reduced vibration can make it easier to control the function of the organs.
  • For users with Muscular dystrophy (DMD) or minimal core muscles such as e.g. paraplegics or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Loopwheels can achieve relief and protection of the intervertebral discs and internal organs. As an addition, the mobility of the user can be increased.
  • Whole-body vibrations are a significant risk factor for people with spinal injuries. These can lead to increased muscle fatigue and damage nerve tracts. Loopwheels can help protect the body.
  • Loopwheels can also help protect the body by users suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta (0I) giving the users more safety and mobility.

Key Features

A smoother and more comfortable ride
Alleviating pain
Increase Mobility
Spend more time with friends

Does it fit?

If you do not know, which Netti you have, please check the serial number.

You will find the serial no. on a label at the lower cross bar. It writes xxx-xxxxxx.

The first 3 digits of the serial number will help you determine which Netti wheelchair you have.
Please check our FAQ for a list of all serialnumbers and Netti model.


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Loopwheel presentation - Wheels with integral suspension and up to 70% less vibration
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