A vibration reducing wheel with integral suspension

Revolutionary Loopwheels have been specially designed to help wheelchair users get around more easily and with more comfort. The springs give you extra power to get up kerbs, and reduce jolting as you come down. This gives a much smoother ride than standard wheels, wherever you go.

Loopwheels can be used with your Netti 4U CE Plus, Netti 4U CED, Netti III or Netti III HD wheelchair to make the ride even more comfortable with up to 70% less vibration.

  • Up to 70% less vibration
  • Strong and durable 24” pneumatic wheels
  • Maximum load (chair and user) 120 kg
  • Over 95% of the customers rate Loopwheels as high or very high quality.

For further information about Loopwheels and to learn more about their advantages.

Loopwheels with integral suspension


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