The electrical solution

The Netti III comfort EL is the only manual wheelchair that can be equipped with electric controls for all its functions. The user can adjust the foot supports, backrest and tilt angles and in this way vary the seat position. Just like the standard model, the wheelchair can be customised to suit individual needs. The Netti III comfort is known for its high quality, good comfort and good relief. The Netti III comfort with electrical functions comes in seat widths from 35 cm to 60 cm.

  • The complete solution
  • Multifunctional chair
  • Electrical controls for user or companion to adjust foot supports, back and tilt angles.
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre comfort wheelchair
  • Widest range of adjustment options
  • Wide range of accessories with countless solutions

  • Highlights
  • 45° SEAT TILT

    For users who must frequently change their sitting position and relieve the pressure, we can provide the Netti III comfort HD and EL with 45° seat tilt – that is, 10° forward and 35° backwards. It is available with manual and electric controls. The advantages of this chair are the weight transfer from the seat to the backrest and the better seat angle, using the force of gravity to prevent the user from sliding forward in the chair. The 45° chair offers a greater seat height of 7 cm. 


    The Netti wheelchair allows various sitting positions, which are optimal for users sitting in the chair for long periods. The backrest angle feature provides the necessary rest and relief. If the user wants to be active, the chair can be tilted forward. This is an advantage when the user is transferred in or out of the chair.



    The Velcro backrest enhances the support that the back cushion provides to the upper body. When the chair is adjusted to best suit the user, the backrest shape is adjusted with six straps in such a way that the lumbar curve and curvature of the spine of the user are supported as much as possible. The continuous adjustment of the seat cushion height facilitates the perfect, customised fit.


    Alu Rehab’s wheelchairs are fitted with seat and back cushions especially designed for users who spend many hours in the chair every day and are in need of good stability and pressure distribution. They provide optimum stability and head control, which is crucial during long periods of sitting. The Netti back cushion provides good freedom of movement during activities.


    The pivot point of the foot support is positioned next to the knees of the user to ensure that the natural movement of the body is not interrupted by mechanics. The compensating leg length adjustment ensures optimum pressure distribution and stability - in all sitting positions. The knee can be kept in a 90° angle when the chair is upright, something which is not possible in all chairs. This keeps the user in a stable sitting position and unintentional changes of position are prevented.


    For our designers ergonomics and technical solutions go hand in hand. The backrest hinge and its placement hold the secret to the comfort of the Netti wheelchairs and are unique for wheelchairs from Alu Rehab. This solution ensures that the user does not slide forward when the backrest is reclined. Together with the foot supports it prevents bad sitting position, shear forces and pressure ulcers.


    Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre comfort wheelchair.



Read more about the Netti III Comfort and Netti III Comfort HD.

In our documentation you will find a list of all offered sizes, article numbers and possible accessories. You find the information under the tab named "Documentation".
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Seat width

35-60 cm

Seat depth

40-50 cm


Back height

50 cm (60 cm)


Seat height

46-49 cm
(43,5-50 cm)
without cushion



max 145 kg (160)



39 kg
without cushions



-9° - +16°






ISO 7176-19
136 kg


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