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The Netti 4U Comfort | CED(S) has the narrowest overall width on the market (only 18 cm wider than the seat width). Its total weight is low. This makes the wheelchair suitable for places with limited space and narrow doorways. The light weight and foldable frame of the wheelchair makes it easy to transport. The chair offers excellent ergonomic solutions and is user friendly with its functional red operating handles. The armrests can be folded up to facilitate side and sling transfer. The seat unit is customised for good stability, support and comfort.
  • Very smooth-running comfort wheelchair
  • Compact – low weight and narrow overall width
  • Easy to use Ergonomic solutions in attractive design
  • Many opportunities for adaption to the individual user

Seat width

CEDS 35-43 cm
CED 35-60 cm

Seat depth

CEDS 37,5-45 cm
CED 42,5-50 cm


Back height

50 cm (60 cm)


Seat height

46,5-50 (44) cm
without cushions



CEDS: 130 kg
CED: 160 kg



30 kg



-5° - +20°






ISO 7176-19
CEDS: 130 kg
CED: 136 kg


  • Highlights

    The ergonomic push bar allows the companion to easily reach the user. The angle can also be adjusted continuously to meet the requirements of the companion. The soft padding provides a comfortable grip. It can be folded forward to decrease total length, -an advantage indoors.


    The Netti 4U Comfort | CED(S) has an armrest that swings back behind the backrest. This facilitates sitting at a table and eases transfer. The depth of the armrest pad can be adjusted, allowing the user to get closer to the table without lowering the armrest. Adjusting the armrest depth also eases transfer out of the chair.


    In the Netti 4U Comfort | CED(S) the seat depth can be easily adjusted without changing any components. The depth can be adjusted by a full 8 cm by merely adjusting the backrest hinges. By adjusting the extenders the seat depth can be increased by another 5 cm.


    The Netti wheelchair allows various sitting positions, which are optimal for users sitting in the chair for long periods. The backrest angle feature provides the necessary rest and relief. If the user wants to be active, the chair can be tilted forward. This is an advantage when the user is transferred in or out of the chair.


    For the companion, Netti 4U Comfort | CED(S), with operating points clearly marked in red, is easy to operate. We call this user friendliness.



    The Velcro backrest enhances the support that the back cushion provides to the upper body. When the chair is adjusted to best suit the user, the backrest shape is adjusted with six straps in such a way that the lumbar curve and curvature of the spine of the user are supported as much as possible. The continuous adjustment of the seat cushion height facilitates the perfect, customised fit.


    Alu Rehab’s wheelchairs are fitted with seat and back cushions especially designed for users who spend many hours in the chair every day and are in need of good stability and pressure distribution. They provide optimum stability and head control, which is crucial during long periods of sitting. The Netti back cushion provides good freedom of movement during activities.


    The pivot point of the foot support is positioned next to the knees of the user to ensure that the natural movement of the body is not interrupted by mechanics. The compensating leg length adjustment ensures optimum pressure distribution and stability - in all sitting positions. The knee can be kept in a 90° angle when the chair is upright, something which is not possible in all chairs. This keeps the user in a stable sitting position and unintentional changes of position are prevented.


    For our designers ergonomics and technical solutions go hand in hand. The backrest hinge and its placement hold the secret to the comfort of the Netti wheelchairs and are unique for wheelchairs from Alu Rehab. This solution ensures that the user does not slide forward when the backrest is reclined. Together with the foot supports it prevents bad sitting position, shear forces and pressure ulcers.


    The overall width of the wheelchair is only 18 cm wider than the seat width


    Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre comfort wheelchair.

Standard configuration

For further information, please check the tab “Documentation”, where you will find our order form and spare part catalogue. You can also find further information under “Netti Accessories”.


 Back cushion Ergonomic Netti | Uno Back with ventilating 3D cover. Fixed with velcro. Height adjustable.
 Seat cushion Netti | Uno Seat with ventilating 3D cover.             
 Head support Head support A with side support.                   
 Arm supports Height adjustable, swingable and removable. Depth adjustable.
 Push handles Height adjustable, swingable and removable.
 Brake User brakes
 Foot supports Manual adjustable foot supports with compensating length adjustment, angle adjustable foot plates, calf supports and knee upholstery.
 Seat Plate Comfort seat plate.
 Mainwheels CEDS: 22" puncture proof wheel with Quick Release
CED: 24" puncture proof wheel with Quick Release
 Front Castors CEDS: 6" puncture proof wheel with Quick Release
CED: 7" puncture proof wheel with Quick Release
 Anti-tip Swingable.



In our documentation you will find a list of all offered sizes, article numbers and possible accessories. You find the information under the tab named "Documentation".
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, if you have questions or require further information. Please call or email:

+47 51 78 62 20 

+45 87 88 73 00
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Declaration of conformity Netti 4U Comfort CEDS39.93 KB Download
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DIN EN 12183:2009 Netti 4U Comfort CED-CEDS98.06 KB Download
How to use a Netti wheelchair as seat in a car (UM0131UK)1.54 MB Download
Poster for Dynamic functions (UM0116 UK Poster)665.87 KB Download
User Manual Netti Dynamic System (UM0116UK)9.76 MB Download
Refurbisment Manual584.50 KB Download
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MD Netti Dynamic System Foot support with extension piece616.91 KB Download
Netti 4U CED & Netti 4U Base - Extension kit 25 mm588.37 KB Download
MD h-harness adapter kits 909.79 KB Download
MD Drum Brake 12" & 16" Netti 4U 744.11 KB Download
MD Universal device basket for Netti 4U CED and Base (MD0119)612.39 KB Download

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