Forward Cushion

The Ride Forward Cushion surround the pelvis with supportive contours while reducing pressure around at-risk bony prominences. This helps improve postural control without compromise of skin protection.


The top visco-elastic layer provides protection and comfort as it conforms to body shape, helping to decrease peak pressures.


Ride’s patented contoured base helps promote and control improved posture and balance. Added CAM Wedges can be used to further adjust the cushion as needed.


Even under significant load, the spacer fabric outer cover does not compress, allowing air to move between the sitter and the cushion. The inner cover really works. There are no seams or zippers in the path of liquid drainage, ensuring the cushion will not absorb moisture. Large accidents or spills simply roll off the back of the cushion.


The Forward Cushion can be disassembled and washed or sanitized.


Forward Cushions are available in sizes as small as 25 x 25 cm with a contour specially optimized for the pediatric pelvis.



  Ride CAM wedges adjust the cushion for ischial clearance. Insert wedge(s) as needed, then trim them flush with cushion base. 

Use CAM Wedges asymmetrically to help level a flexible pelvic obliquity. Use CAM Wedges symmetrically to promote more upright posture and decrease ischial pressure.





Works well for the growing and developing child or in support of people with stroke, brain injury, incomplete SCI and the elderly.

Skin indicators

  • Mild to moderate skin risk
  • Presence or history of category 1 to 2 wounds
  • Normal to impaired sensation
  • Incontinence protection


Postural indicators

  • Pelvis levels relatively easily
  • Mild to moderate posterior to anterior pelvic tilt
  • Mild to strong tendency for sliding forward on cushion


What pressure mapping reveals

A pressure map (shown below) is a computerized tool for assessing pressure distribution. When a subject sits on a pressure mapping mat laid over a cushion, a computer screen displays a map of pressures. Typically, the hotter colors (the reds) indicate areas of higher pressures, and the cooler colors (the blues) indicate areas of lower pressures.

Competitive Cushion

After sitting for only 30 minutes, the competitor cushion’s visco-elastic material displaces, causing the sitter to bottom out on the polyurethane foam base. This creates a potentially dangerous situation.

  Forward Cushion

Performance on the Ride Forward Cushion is consistent at room temperature, and as it warms over the same 30 minutes.


  • For wheelchairs from seat width 25 cm to 50 cm
  • For seat depth from 25 cm to 50 cm
  • Other sizes available as special adaptation 












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