Skin protection and position control

A Ride cushion can help manage heat and moisture, help reduce deep tissue deformation at high risk
areas, and provide a stable base of support for
improved sitting performance. Ride cushions work by selectively loading low risk areas of the anatomy while off-loading high risk bony prominences. All Ride
cushions are remarkably lightweight and surprisingly

The advantages of choosing a Ride solution are:

  • Lower maintenance
  • Lower pressures at high risk areas
  • Greater sitting stability
  • Less deep tissue deformation
  • Cooler and dryer - protects skin

Lightweight, comfortable and adjustable solutions


Ride® Forward Cushion

A comfortable wheelchair cushion that offers pressure relief and moderate support. Available in adult and pediatric sizes.

Ride® Java® Cushion

Provides the highest level of skin protection and postural control, and is appropriate for users with relatively good to mild postural challenges.

Lightweight and adjustable solutions for any size or shape

Ride® Java® Back

Considerable support with lots of adjustability, in sizes and configurations to fit nearly anyone.

Ride® Java® Decaf Back

Considerable support with all the adjustability of the Ride Java Back, and more, specially designed for pediatric users.


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