Netti Vision - bringing moments of joy

More moments of happiness for the individual means a general sense of well-being. Healthier users have a better appetite, need less medication, and have a stronger physical condition. More moments of happiness for family, loved ones and carers.


That's what Netti Vision is all about.



Netti Vision enables the wheelchair user to better digestion, more activities and to have closer contact with people who loves them. The Netti Seating System is unique and secures the optimal sitting position throughout the day. Easy to adjust for variation of pressure. 



Get more out in the chair

Netti Vision gives the user more golden moments because it is possible – and safe – to travel by car on a sunny day – together with family members or care givers. The daily life is easier for the family members or care givers because it is easy to organize transportation from home to a care centre etc. 



Compact and easy transfer

Netti Vision has innovative features and enable the wheelchair users to an easy transfer to and from a bed, a toilet or an ordinary chair. The foldable frame of Netti Vision gives you more space in the living room and the kitchen. It is easy to fold and store the wheelchair. 



Seat width

40 cm

Seat depth

35-42,5 cm

Back height

45 cm

Seat height

without cushions

Max load

125 kg


22 kg
without cushions


-2° - +30°




Combining the competence of the leading comfort wheelchair designer from Norway with the seating experts from Japan, and the result is Netti Vision; Making everyday life better the Norwegian way.
Netti Vision is a dream to work with for the therapists, the care givers and the care managers. It is lighter, has innovative and simple ways to adjust the features and has a modern design. 


  • Ideally located pivot points enable ergonomic positioning and good posture in all positions.
  • The height of the back cushion can be adjusted for correct lumbar and side support.
  • Rigid frame properties provides stability for the whole body.
  • Seat depth adjustable from 35 cm to 42,5 cm for maximum pressure distribution and stability.
  • Arm support can be lowered to seat cushion level for easy transfer.
  • Cushions provides maximum pressure distribution, comfort and relief.
  • Integrated side supports increase stability.
  • Assistant break as standard

Even our standard is among the best

The standard configuration of the Netti Vision includes:  


Relief and stability

Pressure distribution and side support properties with visual design elements to make positioning easy. Multilayer back specially fitted to be used together with Netti Vision.
Netti Nordic
Netti Contour

Positions hips for better posture

Anatomic shaped seat cushion with high pressure distribution properties and low seat height.


Order Form Netti Vision228.90 KB Download
User Manual Netti Vision8.54 MB Download
Spare part catalogue Netti Vision2.38 MB Download
Refurbisment Manual584.50 KB Download
Netti Vision Brochure (English)3.03 MB Download
Main catalogue12.60 MB Download
Netti Cushions - seat and back cushions11.11 MB Download
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