The strong chair with fixed frame, user operated recline function, ideal for foot propulsion (‘shuffling’)

Netti I Comfort comes with a flexible backrest angle. This allows a good and functional sitting position during foot propulsion (‘shuffling’). If the user needs relief and rest, the sitting position can easily be adjusted. The release handle for adjusting the back is located under the armrest and can be operated by the user. It is particularly suitable for patients who suffered a stroke. 

The wheelchair allows a very low seat height. This makes it particularly suitable for users who want to propel it with their feet (‘shuffling’). Netti I Comfort also has a strong frame construction and can take high loads. An auxiliary motor can also be installed on the chair.
  • User-operated recline function
  • Low seat height, ideal for foot propulsion (‘shuffling’)
  • Strong construction
  • Max. load 150 kg
  • Easy to fold for transportation
  • Rigid frame
  • Highlights

    The comfort version has a recline function that assures a good combination between activity and rest. We call it the active comfort wheelchair and often recommend it to patients with hemiplegia and other users who want to use their legs. 

    With a backrest angle of 40°, the sitting position can be changed during the course of the day, so that activity and rest is possible. The user can adjust the backrest while sitting in the chair.


    The chair can easily be folded for transportation in a car.


    With a seat height of 34 cm (without cushion) the chair is ideal for users who want to propel the chair with their feet.


    Netti I is available in two versions. Netti I Allround and Netti I comfort. Common to both is the possibility of having a low seat height down to 34 cm from the floor to the seat plate. This makes the chair ideal for users who want to ‘walk’ the chair. 


    The chair is designed without a cross-bar in front to make foot propulsion easier

  • Poids max. utilisateur jusqu’à 150 kg

    Grâce à la solidité de son châssis et son poids max. utilisateur de 150 kg, il permet à des personnes fortes d’assurer une propulsion podale.

Standard configuration
 Back cushion

Netti | Uno Back. Fastened with velcro. Height adjustable.

 Seat cushion

Netti | Uno Seat. Netti Sit from sw 55 cm.

 Head support


 Arm rest Height adjustable and removable. Depth adjustable.
 Push handles



User brake.

 Foot supports

Universal foot support. Lenght adjustable, swingable and removable. Foot plate with heel strap.


24” puncture proof wheel with Quick Release. Reinforced from sw 55 cm.

 Front castors

7” puncture proof wheel with Quick Release.


Height and lenght adjustable. Swingable.



In our documentation you will find a list of all offered sizes, article numbers and possible accessories. You find the information under the tab named "Documentation".
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Seat width

35-60 cm

Seat depth

40-50 cm


Back height

50 cm (60 cm)


Seat height

32 - 48 cm
(without cushion and change of parts)



max 150 kg



26,6 - 28,8kg
without cushions








ISO 7176-19
136 kg


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