Libertas option:



What characterizes the new Libertas Option for Netti 4U CE Plus?

The pneumatic spring „Libertas“ stands for improved freedom in movement of the user. The backward movement of the upper body is compensated and absorbed up to 15 degrees.

What are the advantages for the user, relatives and care givers?

The wheelchair user can stretch and move his upper body and therefore independently follow his natural desire to change his seating position.
The seating position on the seat cushion remains almost unchanged since the stretching movement is absorbed by the back. This clearly minimizes the tendency that the wheelchair user is sliding out of the chair.
By not having to reposition the wheelchair user continuously, relatives and care givers save time and effort. And the strain on the wheelchair will be reduced.

What target groups may the new Libertas Option be used for?

In general, almost every wheelchair user profits from the extended back flexibility since it is our natural behaviour wanting to change our seating position steadily.
In addition the Libertas option might be profitable for persons that:
  • Suffer under light and increased anxiety (for example Dementia)
  • Are slightly influenced of moving patterns of dystonia (athetosis/tremor/chorea)
  • Show the light tendency of upper body extension (light stretch spasms)


Does the Libertas Option affect the regular adjustment of the backrest angle?

No! The back can be reclined and used normally without any restrictions, it works in combination with the Libertas.

Should any special modifications for the usage be taken into consideration?

The Libertas will always be delivered with a mounted frame extension and extended anti-tips.
We recommend the usage of a hip belt for all wheelchairs.

With this solution the wheelchair is not intended for car transportation.

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