The Netti Dynamic leg supports allow controlled Open Kinetic Chain (OKC) movements of the lower extremities of the user. Unlike static wheelchairs, the user’s distal segments are supported but can move. This helps to gain control of the proximal segments especially when the user cannot inhibit movements due to their medical condition.

As by the dynamic back unit, the leg supports have built-in cylinders to adapt to the dynamic movement of the user. The foot support accommodates the elevating movements (at the knee joint level), the pushing movements along the tibial axle and the flexion-extension movements of the foot.

The combination of the dynamic back, seat and leg support ensure, that the force due to e.g. spastic movement is not transfered to the wheelchair at the same time as the user will have less discomfort during spasm as the wheelchair supports the movement.

Netti Dynamic System leg support DUAL allows for dynamic:

  • Plantar flexion of the feet (leg support pivots anteriorly)
  • Unilateral extension of the hip (single leg support goes down)
  • Knee extension: (leg supports move forwards)

When tone decrease, the lower extremities will be supported towards their resting position.


The Netti Dynamic wheelchairs are equipped with a seat unit with dynamic seat plate, armrests with hand protection, frame extension, longer antitippers, Bodypoint Evoflex pelvic stabilizer and an individually chosen gas spring for the back unit. Als option you may choose a dynamic head support or dynamic leg supports.

  • Netti Dynamic III HD

    Large choice of accessories and solutions

  • Netti Dynamic CED


  • Netti Dynamic Mobile

    Compact power wheelchair. Large choice of accessories.

  • Netti Dynamic Base

     Can be used for custom made seat solution.



If your client exhibits involuntary movements of the lower extremities only, the Netti Dynamic leg support system could be considered with a standard chair: Netti III, Netti III HD, Netti III EL, Netti 4U CEDNetti 4U Base or Netti Mobile.





Reinforced foot board lock for
Netti Dynamic leg supports

The lock keeps the foot board locked at all times and is a good solution for users with strong unwilling movements. The lock knob can be pointing forwards (standard mounting) or backwards.





Angle huggers
The footboard has holes prepared for ankle huggers to be mounted as accessories if required.

Ankle huggers are useful when involuntarily leg movements slide the feet of the footboard.

Ankle huggers are mounted to the footboard by threading the fixing belts through the holes in the footboard fixing them with buckles on the underside of the footboard.


Order form Netti Dynamic S763.26 KB Download
User Manual Netti Dynamic S (UM0122UK)2.11 MB Download
MD Netti Dynamic Free: changing from old to new system585.00 KB Download
Poster for Dynamic functions (UM0116 UK Poster)665.87 KB Download
MD Mounting recline limiter to Netti Dynamic Free gas cylinder247.03 KB Download
Order form Netti Dynamic Mobile973.09 KB Download
Order Form Netti Dynamic III HD1002.84 KB Download
Order form Netti Dynamic CED 1.02 MB Download
Order form Netti Dynamic Base997.57 KB Download
MD Reinforced lock for Netti Dynamic Dual Footboard570.93 KB Download
Crash Test Netti Dynamic Mobile114.20 KB Download
Crash test Netti Dynamic III HD111.53 KB Download
User Manual Netti Dynamic System (UM0116UK)9.76 MB Download
Brochure Netti Dynamic System2.72 MB Download
MD Netti Dynamic System Foot support (UM0115UK)1.22 MB Download

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