Netti Dynamic System is an advanced mobility aid for disabled users affected by dystonia with extension movements resulting in very strong spasms and contractions which affect the user’s muscle-bone apparatus causing joint dislocations and challenging the strength of the wheelchair.

The patented Netti Dynamic System accommodates the user’s extension movements letting the wheelchair work in synergy with the users movements. The wheelchair is dynamic and will follow the users movement of both upper and lower body.

With Netti Dynamic System you can achieve a more relaxed sitting position and participate in daily life with family and friends.


  • The user will have less discomfort during spasm as the wheelchair supports the movement
  • After a spasm the user returns to his or her original sitting position securing a good position and pressure distribution.
  • Prevents unintentional change of position
  • Prevents the user from sliding forward in the chair and thereby getting a bad sitting position and bad distribution of pressure.
  • Extends the life time of the wheelchair


  • Cerebral Palsy (CP) Spastic CP
  • Dyskinetic / Athetotic CP
  • Atactic CP
  • Dystonia
  • Chorea Huntington
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Demential Syndromes
  • Skull brain tract
  • Spinal cord injuries

The Netti Dynamic wheelchairs are equipped with a seat unit with dynamic seat plate, armrests with hand protection, frame extension, longer antitippers, Bodypoint Evoflex pelvic stabilizer and an individually chosen gas spring for the back unit. As an option you may choose a dynamic head support or dynamic leg supports. 


  • Netti Dynamic III HD

    Large choice of accessories and solutions

  • Netti Dynamic CED


  • Netti Dynamic Mobile

    Compact power wheelchair. Large choice of accessories.

  • Netti Dynamic Base

     Can be used for custom made seat solution.  


It is also possible to have dynamic components on a standard chair. You can coose a dynamic head support, dynamic back or dynamic leg board, when choosing a Netti III, Netti III HD, Netti III EL, Netti 4U CEDNetti 4U Base or Netti Mobile.  

For more Information on the Netti Dynamic System:

>> Dynamic back support
>> Dynamic head support
>> Dynamic seat unit
>> Dynamic leg support
>> Diagnostic and diseases 
>> Documentet effect
>> Videos
The head support accommodates and absorbs the head extension movements by means of gas springs maintaining height and depth positions.     The back accommodates extreme trunk extension movements all the way to total reclination.

The standard angle between seat and back can be set to between 85° and 110° depending on the chosen solution.

You may choose between 2 different solutions: 15° or the locakable 40° with different resistance opportunities.
  The seating unit accommodates the hip elevation during the user’s extension pattern.

This prevents sliding forward in the seat after the movement and a bad pressure distribution caused by the unintented sitting position.

The Netti Dynamic System is delivered with a guiderail attachment for hip belts which helps to keep the good sitting position.
  The foot support accommodates the elevating movements (at the knee joint level), the pushing movements along the tibial axle and the flexion-extension movements of the foot.
Order form Netti Dynamic S681.64 KB Download
User Manual Netti Dynamic S (UM0122UK)2.11 MB Download
MD Netti Dynamic Free: changing from old to new system585.00 KB Download
Poster for Dynamic functions (UM0116 UK Poster)665.87 KB Download
MD Mounting recline limiter to Netti Dynamic Free gas cylinder247.03 KB Download
Order form Netti Dynamic Mobile973.09 KB Download
Order Form Netti Dynamic III HD951.20 KB Download
Order form Netti Dynamic CED 973.66 KB Download
Order form Netti Dynamic Base969.34 KB Download
MD Reinforced lock for Netti Dynamic Dual Footboard570.93 KB Download
Crash Test Netti Dynamic Mobile114.20 KB Download
Crash test Netti Dynamic III HD111.53 KB Download
User Manual Netti Dynamic System (UM0116UK)9.76 MB Download
Brochure Netti Dynamic System2.72 MB Download
MD Netti Dynamic System Foot support (UM0115UK)1.22 MB Download
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