Vital Base Royal

  • Thermally stable cover
  • Proven pressure-distributive and stabilising properties.
  • Supplied with a waterproof but breathable intermediate cover to protect the foam cushion.
  • Ready to use

  • The use of softer foam at the rear end of the intermediate layer prevents the forward sliding effect.
  • The super soft top foam ensures quick sink-in and pressure distribution.
  • The ClimaTherm outer cover reduces fluctuations in temperature and prevents pressure ulcers.
  • Firmer foam in the front and middle layer stabilises the front edge of the seat cushion and the thigh.
  • A high carrying capacity of the bottom layer prevents the ‘sit through’ effect and increases stability.
  • Flexible material improves the carrying capacity of the bottom layer and reduces the overall weight.
  • The integrated PU-gel at the rear reduces hard impact on the spine.
  • The integrated abduction block affects straightening of the spine and improves the sitting position.
  • Covers

    Temperature stable, elastic and durable cover with breathable properties for a better microclimate. The moisture is removed from the user.


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    Through years of development and production of wheelchairs and seating systems, Alu Rehab has amassed much knowledge in this field. This we would like to share with you. Learn more about:

    The pivot point of the foot support is positioned next to the knees of the user to ensure that the natural movement of the body is not interrupted by mechanics. The compensating leg length adjustment ensures optimum pressure distribution and stability - in all sitting positions. The knee can be kept in a 90° angle when the chair is upright, something which is not possible in all chairs. This keeps the user in a stable sitting position and unintentional changes of position are prevented.


    For our designers ergonomics and technical solutions go hand in hand. The backrest hinge and its placement hold the secret to the comfort of the Netti wheelchairs and are unique for wheelchairs from Alu Rehab. This solution ensures that the user does not slide forward when the backrest is reclined. Together with the foot supports it prevents bad sitting position, shear forces and pressure ulcers.


Seat width

65-70 cm

Seat depth

55 cm


Cushion height

7 cm front
9 cm rear


Ready for use

Pressure distributing




Temperature stabilizing


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