Strong, advanced and powerful leg support

87% of the specialist retailers and therapists say that leg supports are the most important component in a wheelchair. We have therefor focused on an innovative leg support.


For Netti the most important objective is to improve the quality of life of the user through a focus on:
  • Independence
  • Health
  • Mobility
  • Safety
  • Social interaction
Why the name Grandis?

Grandis is latin for: 

  • Amazing
  • Powerful
  • Advanced
  • Important
  • Majestic
  • Strong
  • Noble

Readable setting of the knee angle

The scale displays the respective joint position. A 90° knee angle helps to ensure the optimum sitting position. Bending of knee joints can also be restricted in cases where this is mandatory due to clinical symptoms, for instance after operations or fixed contractures. The joint angle can be set on the associated scale and then read off.

Standard angle is 80°. By 90° you may need to change the configuration or adjustment of the wheelchair.

Angle and depth-adjustable foot plates.

The angle of the foot plates can be adjusted up to 35° on both sides and the depth setting of the foot plates can be adjusted up to 6 cm. This means that asymmetric foot positions can be safely and securely provided for. The flat design of the foot plate ensures the biggest possible surface. Self-locking foot plate lock. The foot plates can still be locked despite different depth settings (e.g. with different leg lengths or pelvic distortions).


Height and depth adjustable calf supports
– larger than standard

The specific length of the calf plates provides good guidance for the lower legs and helps ensure a good foot position. The calf plates can be adjusted 3.5 cm in depth and 19 cm in height. The rotation limiter ensures that the calf supports do not unintentionally rotate too far.

For seat widths up to 40 cm the standard height is 15 cm.
For seat widths from 43 cm the standard height is 22.5 cm


Long adjustment pieces for different lower leg lengths

28 cm flexibility for lower leg lengths of 36-64 cm.
Seat Widths
  • 35 cm

  • 38 cm

  • 40 cm

  • 43 cm

  • 45 cm

  • 50 cm

  • 55 cm

  • 60 cm


Angle adjustment
  • 0° to 90°
  • Start angle can be continuously adjusted (80° is standard)
  • Optional end angle limiter
Lower leg length
  • 28 cm flexibility
  • Length from 36 to 64 cm
Easy to use
  • Self-locking upper parts of the leg supports

  • Easy to add and remove with the cone adjustment pieces

  • Red control points

  • Readable setting





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