Angle-adjustable foot supports

Our angle-adjustable foot supports have an ergonomically correct design and automatic leg length equalisation.

Angle-adjustable foot supports with lever

The angle adjustable foot support is also available with a lever in stead of a starwheel for adjusting the angle of the leg supports.

Universal foot supports

The universal foot supports provides angle adjustment in fixed positions and are a good solution for users who have knee contractions. The angle can be set negatively in under the chair.

Upholstery for the foot plates

In both foot supports versions, a soft foot plate cover is available for people who sit without shoes or are pressure-sensitive.

Calf support with hinge

The hinge allows for the calf plate to be swung in under the chair to accomodate dismounting of foot supports. Recommended for users with stiffened leg muscles.

Calf Support Pads

A pad for the calf support is available for users with very sensitive and vulnerable skin.

Padding for calf plate bracket

A pad for the calf support bracket is available for users with very sensitive and vulnerable skin.

Amputation support

Angle-adjustable amputation support with height and depth-adjustable calf pads. The amputation support is used, if the leg has been amputated below the knee and a support is needed.

Padded foot box

Recommended for restless users. Foam padding with cover made of strong, easy-to-clean leatherette fabric. By using a lock bracket, the foot box can be easily mounted or removed. A castor spacer is recommended.

One-piece foot plate

A very sturdy, easy-to-install foot plate. It can be folded up and locked in place when not in use. Recommended for spastic users, among others.

Calf support Bodypoint

45019 M (seat width 38-48 cm)
45020 L (seat width 48-56 cm)

Ankle huggers

Help balance the lower body in response to upper body movements

Art. no.
45025      S (17-20 cm)
45026      M (19-23 cm)
45027      L (22-29 cm)
45028      XL (28-33 cm)

Foot straps

Art. no.

Heel straps

Art. no.
35 cm 23758
38-40 cm 21870
43-45 cm 21871
50 cm 22142
55 cm 22143
60 cm 22144
Netti Grandis leg support (UM0119 UK)704.18 KB Download
Brochure Netti Grandis leg supports14.78 MB Download
MD Foot box and locking bracket (MD111UK)331.07 KB Download
MD Bodypoint Ankle Huggers2.46 MB Download
MD Netti Foot Plate Lock1.60 MB Download

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