Side support correction

A direct support for the body to be used together with the Netti Uno Back. A 3D joint ensures a fine adjustment toward the body of the user. Height adjustment can be done by using the attachment bracket. In addition it can be folded outwards to make it easier to get in or out of the chair and at the same time keeping the desired support position.

Art. nr.
27375 Right
27374 Left
28511 Right (Netti 4U CE)
28512 Left (Netti 4U CE)


For the Correction side support

Art. nr.

Side support correction Mini

For Netti Mini.

Art. nr.

Side support Stabil

For the back cushions Netti Stabil or Netti Super Stabil. Can be swivelled and locked. The height and the sideways position of the side support can be locked.

Art. nr.
26843 Right
26830 Left


For side support Stabil

Art. nr.

Side support Basic

For direct support on the body in combination with the Netti Uno Back cushion. Can be adjusted in height and depth.

Art. nr.
86145 for Netti 4U CE PLUS
86146 for Netti 4U CE
88468 for Netti 4U Base

Lumbar support

Art. nr.
2837 25-30 cm
2838 35-40 cm
2839 45-50 cm
2836 55-60 cm


Spinal wedge

To improve stability. Can be used on both sides. Placed between velcro back and back cushion.

Art. nr.

Backrest Extender

Using the backrest extender for larger users, the backrest can be extended to 60 cm.

Art. nr.

Aluminium backrest

For users requiring a firmer back support. 50 cm. Suitable for all Netti wheelchairs except CE(S). Backrest extender of +10 cm available.

Art. nr.
45044 35-45 cm
45045 50-60 cm
27706 65-75 cm

Backrest extender for aluminium backrest

Extension of aluminium backrest for larger users.
Kit including backrest extender tubes.

Art. nr.

44872  35-45 cm
44912  50-60 cm
44913  65-75 cm

Velcro with cut for side supports

For easy mounting of side supports.

Art. nr.
44992  SW 35-50 cm
44993  SW 50-75 cm

MD Side support Stabil (MD0015UK)405.66 KB Download
Back cushions measurements162.12 KB Download
MD Aluminium Back (2017 Model)353.94 KB Download
MD Side Support Basic for Netti 4U Base155.91 KB Download
MD Side Support Correction Netti 4U CE4.61 MB Download
MD Side Support Correction Netti III & Netti 4U CED/CE Plus & Netti Mobile237.40 KB Download
Mounting description Velcro with cut for side supports154.18 KB Download
Side support Basic for Netti 4U CE102.45 KB Download
Side support Basic for Netti 4U CE PLUS 88.64 KB Download
MD h-harness adapter kits 909.79 KB Download

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