Optimum Seating Comfort

To evaluate optimum seating comfort, you can apply the 7 universal principles of Alu Rehab. These seven principles are essential elements for a good sitting position. If even only one of these principles is ignored, potential problems are created for the user. So keep the following in mind:


  • Together with the cushion, the basis of the seat unit must ensure the stability of the pelvis.
  • Stabilisation on the sides and in front of the sitting bones (sitting problems) with a stabilising seat cushion.
  • Stability can be improved with accessories such as comfort pads, abduction strap and abduction block.



  • Pressure distribution is achieved when the weight is distributed over a large as possible area. Without compromising stability.
  • A breathable cover and a temperature-stabilizing material ensure a good microclimate, strengthening the skin and the resistance of the underlying tissue against external forces, to prevent pressure ulcers.


  • It is important that the back of the wheelchair provides enough space to the buttocks for proper lumbar support.
  • Flexibility in height and depth is important due to the fact that the lumbar curve differs from person to person.
  • The upper sacral bone (sacrum) must be supported. This is done by the shape of the cushion and the strap system in the velcro backrest.


  • Limited body stability requires a larger and more stable side support.
  • A too large support, however, has an inhibitory effect on the user.
  • The pelvis must be stable for the side support to have maximum effect.


  • The height and positioning of the foot supports has a direct effect on the sitting position and pressure distribution.
  • It is important that the foot supports are adjustable in order to ensure the stability of the upper body.


  • In the long run the muscles of the spinal column become tired. Optimally adapted armrests help the user to straighten up and maintain their sitting position and balance.


  •  To sit in the same position for hours s very stressful for the body. It increases the risk for that the user collapses, and end up in a bad position.

  • The wheelchair must give the user the possibility to change position, and so relieve the muscle groups and distribute the pressure.

  • If the tilt function is used, a functional head support, of which the height, angle and depth is adjusted correctly, is important. This prevents inappropriate sitting positions.

  • The right choice of seating system and accessories prevent the user from sliding or falling forward over time.

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