Bart Van der Heyden is an independent physical therapist specialized in wheelchair seating & mobility as well as wound care for more than 18 years. He has developed a clinical test approach for clinical studies on behalf of Netti by Alu Rehab. The purpose of the clinical test protocol is to document how Netti comfort wheelchairs, and other wheelchair solutions, may impact:

  • The user's functional abilities
  • Activity daily life (ADL)
  • The user's medical situation like muscle tone, posture and skin health
  • Pain and relief
  • Safety

The clinical test approach is best practice guidelines, developed by Bart Van der Heyden, and the state-of-the-art research regarding seating and mobility.

Read more on research about outcomes and benefits of a comfort wheelchair on these two links:

How are the clinical studies carried out?

When we conduct clinical testing, we starts by focusing on the current seating solution for the user. We discuss and decide seating goals. Finally we perform the Netti seating intervention and measure the outcomes after typically 1, 3 and 6 months - and sometimes even longer.

Bart Van der Heyden and cooperating seating experts have carried out or supervised clinical tests of several Netti wheelchairs and users on behalf of Netti in China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Norway and South Korea on all of the Netti product range. For further Information, please contact us and we will be happy to share the results with you.

Netti can support partners with user assessments, or seminars on seating assessments techniques and the use of:

  • 5 Seating Steps
  • Seating interventions on specific clinical cases
  • Seating interventions on specific clinical diagnosis
  • Postural and mobility management of different diagnosis with specific seating challenges

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