Our motto is to adapt the chair to the user – and not vice versa. This also applies to users with special needs. We have many years of experience in developing customised solutions. Where our standard products and accessories do not meet the needs of the user, our team of experienced technicians and occupational therapists can adapt the chair or accessories as needed.

 Individual solutions - brochure


For users who cannot use a normal seat unit, for transfer and positional change

Netti Bed

For persons who are not able to use a traditional seating unit. 

Customised adaptation for large users

Netti Bariatric

Customised adaptation for large users


With electrical leg rests and electrical tilt and recline. Velcro back rest.


Fixed back

Front Back

Netti Front Back

Wheelchair with drive

Netti II FB

With tilt

45° tilt

Netti III Comfort HD with 45° tilt

For users who must frequently change their sitting position and relieve the pressure

45° tilt

For users with special needs we adapt the chair and accessories as needed

Alu Rehab has extensive experience with custom designs. We manufacture these one off solutions in our own workshop. For users with very specific problems, we create a solution together with the customer that optimises the sitting position and comfort. All specially adapted chairs are tested in the same way as our standard chairs and bear the CE mark.

The chair for small users.

A chair with various special solutions.

A chair customized for user with great imbalance and asymmetry in the body. It provides extra support and relief of back and head to the left. Good padding on the right side.

Examples of customised accessories 

Here are some examples of solutions that are configured by our team of technicians and occupational therapists. Alu Rehab has extensive experience with custom designs. We manufacture these one off solutions in our own workshop. If you have a specific problem with a particular user, feel free to contact us. We accept the challenge and are happy to suggest a solution. All specially adapted accessories are tested and carry the CE mark.

Half tray with side support

Height and angle-adjustable push bar for Netti III.

Head support A with brow band

Head support with adjustable side supports

Extra long calf supports

Central brake for single-handed operation

Bondi Coxit for user that use one leg for foot propulsion

Foot box with foot supports.

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